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Kahuna the Elk

King of Moraine Park

Estes Valley locals and visitors near and far have marveled at the magnificence of a bull elk known as Kahuna.
Whether it was his unique antlers, bellowing bugle or regal manner when protecting his harem, he captured the hearts of many around the world. In fact, it is believed Kahuna was one of the five largest and the most photographed elk in North America.

Kahuna was the finest ambassador of his kind, magnificent in his stature, bold, majestic, and unrivaled for years. The protected lands of Rocky Mountain National Park provided Kahuna with the perfect place to call home, and we are truly graced that he did.

Jeff Coldwell 7_edited.jpg

Photo courtesy of Jeff Coldwell

Photo by Kyle Medina

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Preserving a Legacy

Our Purpose

The news of this great elk's death struck a chord as strong as his bugling that echoed across Moraine Park for more than a decade, and reverberated in headlines and on social media around the world.
Through this outpouring response, a diverse group of admirers with ties to Estes Park have come together to help establish a memorial to honor Kahuna's legacy. 
The Kahuna Memorial will be a significant public art installation that will capture the beauty of the iconic elk who reigned over Moraine Park and promote a public awareness initiative about safe wildlife viewing practices. 

Autumn Elk K_Rick Martinez.jpg

Photo by Rick Martinez

We are using collective action and support from residents, businesses and Rocky Mountain area visitors to organize, facilitate and fund the memorial project.

Our Grassroots Strategy

Memorial Funding

With the launch of our GoFundMe Kahuna Memorial Fund associated with the Art Center of Estes Park, a 501(c)(3) charity, we are able to garner financial support from donors familiar with Kahuna, the elk herds in Estes Park, and any who share enthusiasm of Rocky Mountain wildlife.

Brad Manard 6.jpg

Photo by Brad Manard

Hear Me Bugle!

Volume up!

Dawn Poem.png

Photo by Kyle Medina

Would you like to know more?  Want to volunteer?

If you have questions about the memorial or safety initiative, curious about special events planned, looking for opportunities to volunteer or need more information about sponsorships and donations, let us hear from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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Contact Information

The Kahuna Memorial Project provides multiple touch points for interested individuals to learn more, follow progress and share memorable moments of watching Kahuna or overall elk watching experiences. 

There is a dedicated Kahuna Memorial Facebook group, plus Instagram and Twitter accounts to help stay in the know.

Followers will hear about project progress, special events, fundraising milestones along with wildlife observation safety tips and associated community outreach to drive safety awareness.

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 The Art Center of Estes Park

517 Big Thompson Ave # 210, Estes Park, CO 80517

Photo by Jeff Coldwell

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